Californian AK



A resident of California.

(AK: t. 5,658; 1. 413'; b. 51'; Jr. 26'2"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 78)

Californian, a cargo vessel, was launched 12 May 1900, by Union Iron Works, San Francisco, Calif., transferred from the Shipping Board 13 May 1918, and commissioned the following day, Lieutenant Commander D. Mulman, USNRF, in command.

Californian immediately loaded a cargo of coal, fuel oil, and general supplies for the American troops in France and sailed on the last day of May 1918 to join a convoy off New York. On 22 June while proceeding,through the dangerous waters of the Bay of Biscsy she struck a mine. Although a gallant attempt was made to tow the stricken ship to port, she sank later that day. Her crew abandoned in good order to be picked up by Corsair without suffering any casualties.

Former name retained.