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Betelgeuse - AK-28


Beukelsdijk Is a town in the Netherlands.

(AK: dp. 13,740; 1. 440'2"; b. 62'; dph. 26'1"; s. 10.5 k.;
cpl. 62; a. 1 3")

Beukelsdijk (No. 3135), a collier, was built in 1903 by William Doxford and Sons, Ltd., Sunderland, England, as Grangesberg (later renamed Beukelsdijk) ; taken over from her Dutch owners at San Juan, P. R., 21 March 1918 In accordance with the President's proclamation of the previous day; and commissioned the same day, Ensign F. L. Stiles, NNV, In command.

Beukelsdijk was assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service and placed on the South American run carrying coal to Latin America and returning with coffee. Early in 1919 she carried a cargo of cotton and oil from Galveston, Tex., to Le Havre, France. While discharging cargo one of her boilers exploded, killing two men. After repairs to her boilers she sailed to Rotterdam, Holland, where she was returned to her owners 18 May 1919 through the Shipping Board.