Bath - AK-4


Bath I

(AK-4: do 6782; 1. 344'; b. 46'2"; dr. 20'2"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 99; a. 3 3")

The first Bath (AK 4) was launched in 1913 by Oderverke Stettiner, Stettin, Germany, as the Dutch freighter Andiomeda; seized by Customs Officials at New Orleans, La., 12 April 1917; transferred to the Navy in May, renamed Rath 6 June 1917; and commissioned 30 July 1917 Lieutenant Commander E. O. Coffey US?IR, in command.

She left New Orleans 2 August 1917, joined a convoy at Boston, and arrived at Brest, France, 18 September 1917. She was placed in Special Service with Train, Atlantic Fleet, and carrying cargo between England and France until February 1918 when she returned to the United States. Bath was assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service in March 1918 and carried cargo between the United States and Europe. Between February 1919 and July 1921 she carried cargo between the east and west coasts of the United States and to the Caribbean.

On 14 July 1921 Bath was assigned to the Asiatic Fleet and arrived at Cavite, Philippine Islands, 6 January 1922. She remained with the Asiatic Fleet until decommissioned ~to Cavite 9 May 1922. She was sold on 2 January 1926.