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Barnett AP-11


(AP-11: dp. 9432 , 1. 48G'6"; b. 83'9"; dr. 25'4", a. 15 k.
cpl 491; a. 1 5", 4 3"; cl. Barnett)

Barnett (AP-11) was launched ln 1928 as the passenger steamer Santa ~Maria by Furness Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Haverton-on-Tees, England; purchased by the Navy 11 August 1940; and commissioned 25 September 1940, Captain I`. 9 Pamperin in command.

From 25 September 1940 until the end of the year. Barnett was engaged in training Marines in the CulebraVieques Islands area. In January 1941 she returned to Norfolk for an overhaul which was completed 3 April 1941. Between April and December 1941 she again participated in amphibious and gunnery exercises with Marines.

During World War II Barnett alternately operated in the Atlantic and Pacific, constantly engaged in the transport of troops, casualties, and occasionally cargo. She furnished logistic support during the following mayor operations: Guadalcanal-Tulagi landings ( 7-9 August 1942); capture and defense of Guadalcanal (9 August28 November); Sicilian occupation (10-15 July 1943)

Salerno landings (21 September); invasion of Normandy (~19 June 1944) invasion of southern France (16 August-25 September, and the assault and occupation of Okinawa (1-9 April 1945). She was reclassified APA-5, 1 February 1943.

During a bombing attack on~ the coast of Sicily on 11 July 1943, a bomb burst close aboard Barnett's port bow abreast of the forward hatch putting a hole in the hull and causing subsequent flooding. The ship was made to list to starboard to bring the hole above the water line. Seven men were killed and 35 injured; all were Army personnel. Barnett steamed under her own power to Algiers, Algeria, for repairs, arriving 15 July.

She operated in the Pacific until 2e September 1945 when she returned to the United States. She was decommissioned 21 May 1948 at Newport, R. I., and transferred to the Maritime Commission 3 July 1948.

Barnett received seven battle stars for her World War II service.