Tamaque YN-62


(YN-62: 1. 81'0"; b. 21'6"; dr. 10'8")

John E. Matto~a tug built in 1939 at Waterford, N.Y., by John E. Matton &c Son, Inc.—was purchased by the Navy on 19 December 1940, converted to a net tender at the New York Navy Yard, renamed Tamaque (YN-52) on 9 January 1941, and placed in service on 28 January 1941 at New York City.

On 1 February, Tamaque reported to the Commandant, 1st Naval District, for duty at Boston, Mass. She operated in Boston harbor for the next four years first as a net tender and later as a harbor tug. On 8 April 1942, she was redesignated YNT-20, and, on 4 August 1945, she was reclassified a medium harbor tug, YTM 741. After almost four years of service, Tamaque was placed out of service at Marginal Wharf South Boston, Mass., on 20 December 1945. On 21 January 1946, her name was struck from the Navy list. She was transferred to the Maritime Commission on 6 September 1946 for disposal.