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Rosewood YN-26

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(YN-26: dp. 560; 1. 163'2"; b. 30'6"; dr. 11'8"; s. 12.5 k.
cpl. 48; a. 1 3"; cl. Aloe)

Rosewood (YN-26) was laid down 18 October 1940 by the American Ship Building Co., Lorraine, Ohio, launched 1 March1941, and placed in service 13 September 1941, Lt. D Nicoli, Jr., USNR, in command

Following transit of the St. Lawrenee, Rosewood moved down the east coast to Norfolk, Va., and through the next spring operated as a net tender in the 5th Naval District. Commissioned 18 June 1942, she was ordered to Service Squadron 6 for duty in the Pacific. She departed Norfolk 26 July, arrived at Espiritu Santo 19 October, and for over a year tended nets and performed escort duties in the New Hebrides area. During that time, on 20 January 1944, she was redesignated AN-31.

Detached a year later, Rosewood departed Espiritu Santo on 17 January 1945. At Manus at the end of the month, she continued on to the Western Carolines in February, and into June served at Ulithi. Two months duty at Eniwetok followed and on 6 August she sailed for California.

From 1 September to 6 December Rosewood served in the San Pedro area. She then headed north and on 24 December reported for duty in the 13th Naval District. On 17 April 1946 she reported to the Commander, l0th Fleet for inactivation.

Decommissioned 10 June 1946, she remained in the Reserve Fleet for 16 years. In September 1962 she was transferred to the Maritime Administration for layup in the National Defense Reserve Fleet. On 28 October 1968, however, she was returned to the Navy for sale, under the terms of the Military Assistanee Program, to France. Delivered to the French Navy in January 1969, she serves that Navy as Libellule.