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(WAGL 252: dp. 885; 1. 174'10 1/2"; b. 32'0"; dr.
11'3 1/2"; s. 12 k.; a. none)

Walnut—a steel-hulled, twin-screw tender built for the Coast Guard in 1939 at Oakland, Calif.—apparently served at Detroit, Mich., into mid-1941. She came under naval control in November 1941, when the United States drew closer to war and performed tender services in the 14th Naval District during World War II. Sometime in early 1942, she was classified as "miscellaneous tender" and given the hull number WAGL-252. By the spring of 1942, her armament comprised two 3 inch guns; four 20-millimeter Oerlikon machine guns, and two depth charge tracks.

Resuming her peacetime pursuits with the Coast Guard after the cessation of hostilities, Walnut apparently remained in the Hawaiian area into the early 1950's, although records of her service are sketchy at best. Departing Honolulu on 16 April 1952, she sailed for the west coast of the United States and reached San Francisco soon thereafter. Walnut subsequently operated in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico into the late 1950's. The quest for data concerning her subsequent career has been unsuccessful.