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Eucalyptus- YN-11

Eucalyptus I

An Australasian tree of the myrtle family.

(YN-11: dp. 560; 1. 163'2"; b. 30'6"; dr. I1'8";
s. 12 k.; cpl. 48; a. 1 3"; cl. Aloe)

Eucalyptus (YN-11) was launched on 3 July 1941 by General Engineering and Dry Dock Co., Alameda, Calif. sponsored by Mrs. Romana Jorgenson and placed in service in a noncommissioned status on 9 October 1941, Lieutenant S. B. McDonald, USNR, officer-in-charge. She was commissioned on 9 May 1942, Lieutenant Commander A. J. Einmo, USNR, in command, and reclassified AN-16 on 20 January 1944.

Initially assigned to the 13th Naval District, Eucalyptus carried out patrol and net tending operations there until late 1943 when she sailed to Alaskan waters for more of the same duty. She returned to Seattle, Wash., in July 1944, then was reassigned to duty in the San Francisco Bay area for the duration of World War II. In November 1945 she sailed to Astoria, Oreg., where on 6 March 1946, she was placed in commission in reserve. Eucalyptus was placed out of commission in November 1946 at Astoria and remained in reserve through 1961. She was stricken and transferred to MARAD in September 1962.