Cadmus AR-14



A character in Greek mythology, the Phoenician prince Cadmus was said to have introduced the alphabet into Greece, and founded Thebes.

(AR-14: dp. 6,266- 1. 492'- b. 69'6" dr. 27'6"; s. 16 k.;
cpl. 921; a. 2 5"; cl. Amphion)

Cadmus (AR-14) was launched 5 August 1945 by Tampa Shipbuilding Co.' Inc., Tampa, Fla.; sponsored by Mrs. B. P. Ward and commissioned 23 April 1946, Captain J. M. Conolly in command.

Assigned to the Atlantic Fleet since commissioning, Cadmus has operated from her home port at Norfolk, VA., as repair ship. Calls to east coast ports, and cruises in the Caribbean, are part of a schedule which calls for service to the Fleet during major exercises. On 3 September 1957, the repair ship cleared Norfolk on her first Atlantic crossing. After taking part in NATO exercises with TF 88 out of Rothesay, Scotland, she visited ports in Scotland, France, and Spain. Through the first half of 1958 she sailed with TF 63 in replenishment missions during fleet exercises in the Mediterranean. From her return to Norfolk on 7 May 1958 through 1960, Cadmus has continued her program of east coast and Caribbean operations.