USS Achernar AKA-53
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Annwan- AKA-53

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Asachem, or chief, of the Wampanoag Indians who lived during the latter half of the 17th century and served under King Philip as a military leader and counselor. When King Philip was killed in August, 1676, Annawan rallied the Wampanoag warriors, led them in escaping from a swamp in which they were surrounded, and carried on a guerrilla campaign against the New England colonists. He was captured later that year and was beheaded at Plymouth, Mass., by order of the colonial authorities.

(YN-50: dp. 95; 1. 71'0"; b. 19'0"; dr. 10'6")

Russell No. 15-a tug build in 1935 at Brooklyn, N.Y., by Ira S. Bushey & Sons--was purchased by the Navy on 28 October 1940 from Newton Creek Towing Co., of New York City; renamed Annawan the following day; designated YN-50: modified for naval service by the New York Navy Yard; and placed in service there on 8 January 1941.

The net tender was assigned to the 1 st Naval District and arrived in Narragansett Bay to commence duty on 20 January 1941. Annawan spend her entire career tending nets and operating as a tug in the 1 st Naval District. On 8 April 1942, she was redesignated YNT-18. Later, on 4 August 1945, Annawan became a medium harbor tug with the alphanumeric hull designation YTM-739. On I September 1946, she was placed out of service. Found to be surplus to the needs of the Navy, Annawan was turned over to the Maritime Commission on 6 May 1947 for disposal. Her name was finally struck from the Navy list on 20 December 1948.