USS Amphrite ARL-29
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Amphrite ARL-29



(ARL-29: dp. 3,960 (tl.); 1. 328'0"; b 1 50'0"; dr. 11'2" (lim.); s. 11.6 k. (tl.); cpl. 253; a. 13", 8 40mm.; cl. Achelous)

The third Amphitrite (ARL-29) was laid down on 6 November 1944 at Seneca, Ill., by the Chicago Bridge & Iron Works; launched on 1 February 1945; sponsored by Miss Lillie Williams Kidd; placed in reduced commission on 13 February 1945 for the voyage to Baltimore, Md., where she was to be converted from a tank landing ship to a landing craft repair ship; decommissioned in Baltimore on 3 March 1945; converted by Bethlehem Steel's Key Highway Shipyard, and placed in full commission on 28 June 1945, Lt. Thomas S. Medford, USNR, in command.

Following a fortnight's shakedown in Chesapeake Bay, she put to sea on 8 August 1945. She training the Panama Canal on the 18th and arrived in Pearl Harbor on 27 September. Continuing across the Pacific with Task Unit (TU) 13.11.97, she reported to her first duty station, Buckner Bay, Okinawa, in October. The landing craft ship performed a myriad of repair duties there until mid= 1946 when she was transferred to Apra Harbor, Guam. The vessel departed Guam on 9 June 1946, bound for China. Amphitrite arrived at Tsin tao on 19 June, discharged much of her cargo there, and Tsingtao many replacement crewmen. She then settled into a repair routine in the inner harbor at Tsingtao.

The ship remained in Tsingtao-save for a round-trip voyage in July during which she towed APL-29 to Sasebo, Japan-until 24 September. On that day, the landing craft repair ship weighed anchor for Shanghai. She resumed her repair duties at that port until sometime in November when she got underway to return to the United States. She was placed out of commission at San Diego on 1 January 1947 and was berthed with that portion of the Pacific Reserve Fleet located there. Amphitrite remained in reserve until her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 July 1961. On 16 April 1962, she was sold to River Equipment, Inc., of Memphis, Tenn., for scrapping.