Catfish SS-339





Any of various species having catlike teeth, barbells around the mouth, including the common but/head.

(SS-339: dp. 1,526, 1. 311'9", b. 27'3", dr. 15'3", s. 20 k.; cpl. 66; a. 1 5", 10 21" tt.; cl. Gato) I

Catfish (SS-339) was launched 19 November 1944 by Electric Boat Co. Groton, Conn. sponsored by Mrs. J. J. Crowley; and commissioned 19 March 1945, Lieutenant Commander W. A. Overton, TT~NR in command

Catfish sailed from New London 4 May 1945 for Pearl Harbor, arriving 29 June. After training and the installation of new equipment, she proceeded to Guam for special training, then departed 8 August for her first war patrol, a special mission to locate a minefield off Kyshu. When the cease-fire order was given 15 August, she was ordered to the Yellow Sea for surface patrol and lifeguard duty. She returned to Guam 4 September thence to the west coast, arriving at Seattle 29 September. |

Based at San Diego, Catfish operated locally on the west coast and made two cruises to the Far East during which she conducted simulated war patrols and provided services to the 7th Fleet.

Catfish was extensively, modernized (August 1948-May 1949), giving her greater submerged speed and endurance. She was on another Far Eastern cruise when war broke out in Korea in which area she made a reconnaissance patrol in support of the United Nations forces. Catfish returned to the "States" 20 October 1950 and was based at San Diego. Since that time the submarine has carried out training exercises with Naval Reservists off the west coast, operated with Canadian forces in joint antisubmarine warfare exercises, and made several cruises to the Far East. Catfish has continued this employment through 1963.

Catfish received one battle star for World War II service.