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(ScStr.: dp. 4,400 (n.); Ibp. 270'4"; b. 38'1" (wl.); dr. 19'; s. 9 k.; cpl. 48)

Vesta (Id. No. 2506)—a cargo steamer built in 1907 at Rotterdam in the Netherlands by Rotterdam Droogdoek Maatschappij for the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maotschappij-was seized by United States customs officials at New York on 21 March 1918. Though listed in the 1 November 1918 edition of Ship's Data U.S. Naval Vessels as commissioned the same day in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, Vesta was never actually taken over nor was she ever commissioned by the Navy. Instead, she was held by the United States Shipping Board as part of the Emergency Fleet Corporation's real assets. She was returned to her owners sometime late in 1919 or early in 1920 and resumed mercantile service which lasted until the mid1940's. She disappeared from the mercantile lists in 1946.