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(Str: dp. 16,100; 1. 466'0", b. 55'11", dr. 28'9", s. 11 k.; cpl. 70; a. 1 5", 1 3")

Roepat (Id. No. 2536), built in 1914 by William Hamilton & Co., Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland, for service as a Duteh animal transport ship, was seized by U.S. customs officials, taken over and commissioned as a Naval Overseas Transportation Service vessel 17 May 1918 at New York.

Following refit and refurnishing, Roepat loaded a ear~o of general Army supplies and sailed 2 June in convoy for Brest and St. Nazaire where she discharged her cargo. She returned to New York in convoy 30 July.

Loading Army supplies at Norfolk, she sailed in convoy from New York 17 August for Marseille where she arrived 6 September to unload her cargo. She returned to New York 18 October to undergo repairs and load Army cargo for Verdon where she arrived 18 November. She returned to Norfolk 22 December.

Loading a cargo for the Shipping Board Account at Baltimore, she bunkered at New Orleans and sailed from the latter port 5 February 1919 for Cette via Newport News. Diseharging her cargo of wheat and grain consigned to the Swiss Government 4 March, she returned to New York 6 May and underwent repairs.

Roepat sailed 24 May for Portland, Maine where she loaded a cargo for the Shipping Board and sailed on the 29th for Amsterdam where she arrived 28 June. On 30 June Roe pat was placed out of commission and returned to her owner, Nederland Stoomvaart Maats chappij.