USS Richard Rush
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Richard Rush Str

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Richard Rush

(Str.: t. 300; cpl. 40; a. 3 guns)

Richard Rush, built for the Revenue Cutter Service by the Atlantic Works, East Boston, Mass., was launeheti 011 14 March 1874 and commissioned in that service, on 21 July 1874, Capt. J. A. Henriques in command.

Assigned to duty out of San Francisco, Richard Rush rounded Cape Horn toward the end of 1874 and, in January 1875, commenced patrols in Alaskan waters. Rebuilt in 1885 she e onlinued to cruise in the northern Pacific for the Treasury Department until 9 April 1898 when, by Executive order. she, with other Revenue Marine cutters, began operations in cooperation with the Navy. During the Spanish-American War, she served with the west coast defense forces, and, by Executive order, was returned to the Treasury Department on 15 August 1898.