USS Philippi
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(SwStr: t. 311;1. 140'; b. 24; dph. 9' 10"; cpl. 41; a2 12-pdr. r.)

Union steamer Howquah discovered new and fast sidewheeler 1311a 10 November 1863 steaming along the coast north of Fort Fisher, N.C. She immediately gave chase and fired a shot at the blockade runner which glanced off Ella's gallows frame and caused her to surrender. The Boston Prize Court subsequently condemned the prize and sold her to the Navy 23 February 1864. Renamed Philippi four days later, the steamer commissioned early in April and was ordered to New Orleans on the 11th for duty in the West Gulf Bloekading Squadron, Philippi served the squadron as a picket, patrol and dispatch vessel until set afire by Confederate artillery and destroyed while following Admiral Farragut's fleet into Mobile Bay 5 August 1864.