USS Petrel II
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II Petrel

(Str: t. 226; a. 8 24-pdr. how.)

The second Petrel, a tinelad wooden steamer, was purchased as Duchess at Cineinnati, Ohio, 22 December 1862, renamed Petrel, and commissioned with Volunteer Lt. John Pearee in command. Assigned to the Mississippi Squadron, she partieipated in the Yazoo River expedition against Haynes Bluff, 30 April-1 May 1863, then went after Confederate shipping on the Yazoo and Sunflower rivers. In July she cruised the Red, Black, Tensas and Ouachita rivers, capturing four rebel vessels and military stores.

On 3 February 1864 she helped silence Confederate batteries at Liverpool, Miss., on the Yazoo, to initiate naval operations to prevent Southern harassment of Sherman's expedition to Meridian. For the next two weeks the ships pushed up the Yazoo, engaging Confederate troops as far up the river as Greenwood. A month and a half later, Petrel commenced attacks on Yazoo City. On 22 April, however, she was disabled captured, and after thc removal of her guns and most valuable stores, was burned.