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Peony ScStr

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(ScStr.; t. 180; 1. 104'6"; b. 20'6"; dr. 8'6"; s. 9 k.; a. 1 24-pdr.)

Peony, formerly the wooden steamer Republic, was purchased for the Navy by Comdr. C.K. Stribling 7 December 1864 from Bishop & Sons, Philadelphia,

In January 1865 Peony, Aeting Ensign John W. Bennett in command, participated in the capture of Fort Fisher on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. This fort, located on the narrow tongue of land at the entrance to the Cape Fear River, was a necessary first objective in the plan to close Wilmington N.C. the only remaining seaport from which blockade running could be conducted regularly with reasonable prospects of sueeess.

Peony was one of the more than fifty vessels assembled by Admiral David D. Porter for this campaign, which enlminated with the surrender of the Confederate forces 15 January 1865.

The remainder of Peony's wartime service was sDent in the North Carolina Sounds carrying out operations as Confederate resistance ceased. She sailed north in July, decommissioned, and was sold at auction in Boston, Mass. to S. & J.M. Flanagan.