Nymph StwStr


(StwStr: t. 171; 1. 161'2"; b. 30'4"; dph. 4'2"; dr. 5'; s. 4 mph. a. 8 24-pdr. sb.j

Cricket No. S, a stern wheel wooden river steamer built at Cincinnati in 1863, was purchased by the Navy at Cincinnati 8 March 1864, fitted out as a "tinclad" gunboat, and commissioned at Mound City, Ill. as Nymph 11 April 1864 Acting Master Patrick Connelly in command.

Nymph patrolled the Mississippi and its tributaries through the end of the Civil War, helping to maintain Union lines of supply and communication. She decommissioned 2 miles above Cairo, Ill. 28 June 1865 and was sold at public auction at Mound City 17 August 1865 to M. A. Hutchinson.