Neshaminy ScFr


(ScFr: dp. 3,850; 1. 335'; b. 44'4"; dr. 11'4")

Neshaminy, a SGrew frigate built by the government during 1863-65 and 1aunched 5 October 1865 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, was a wooden ship of the first rate. She had two horizontal direct-acting engines of forty-eight ineh stroke and eight Martin boilers. Her machinery was built by the Etna Iron Works of New York.

The steamer was assigned a battery of two 100-pdr. Parrott rifles, one 6-pdr. rifle, ten 8 inch smoothbores, and four howitzers, but the battery was never mounted.

From 1866 through 1868 Neshaminy was at the New York Navy Yard for installation of her engines. In 1869 she was laid up in ordinary at that yard. Her name was changed to Arizona 15 May 1869, and to Nevada 12 August 1869.

In 1869 she was examined by a board which found her hull so twisted and her construclion so poor that it was decided not to finish her. She remained in ordinary at New York in an incomplete state until June 1874, when she was sold to John Roseh for $25,000, in partial payment for rebuilding monitor Puritan.