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Mauban Str



A merchant name retained.

(Str: dp. 2,600; 1. 230'; b. 34'6"; dr. 16'8"; s. 8 k.; cpl. 67; a. 1 3")

Mauban, a single-screw steamer, was built by Campbelltown Shipbuilding Co., Campbelltown, Scotland, in 1900 and prior to World War I cruised out of the Philippines to ports in Europe and the United States. In the closing months of World War I she was acquired by USSB from Cia. Gen. de Tabacos de Filipinas of 'Manila, and commissioned at Cardiff, Wales, 3 October 1918.

Assigned to NOTS, Mauban operated under Army and USSB accounts carrying supplies between British and French ports. She completed cargo runs in February 1919 and after loading sand ballast departed Cardiff 18 February. She arrived New York 14 March: decommissioned at Brooklyn 11 April 1910; and was delivered to USSB for subsequent return to her former owners.