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Little Ada
(ScStr: t 150; 1. 112'; b. 12'6";dr. 8', s. 10k.
a. 2 20-pdr. Parrott r.)

Little Ada, an iron screw steamer; was built in the Clyde Scotland; captured and abandoned in the South Santee River 30 March 1864; recaptured at sea by Gettysburg 9 July 1864; purchased by the Nav y from the Boston Prize Court 18 August 1864, and commissioned at Boston 5 October 1864. Acting Master Samu~l P. Craft in command.

After setting out, Little Ada was ordered to the Western Bar, Cape Fear River, 8 November 1864. In December she participated in the attacks on Fort Fisher.

Little Ada's most active service vas in 1865. She formed part of the separate line of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron 3 January landing provisions for the Army. She again participated in attacks on Fort Fisher 12 to 15 January, carrying dispatches through the fleet. After being assigned to the Potomac flotilla 10 March, she captured a large yard boat 9 April at Hooper Strait, Md. She was sent to the Washington Navy Yard 31 May 1865, decommissioned 24 June 1865, and was transferred to the War Department 12 August 1865.