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George M. Bibb-Steamer

George M. Bibb,

A former name retained. George Motier Bibb, born 30 October 1776 in Prine Edward County, VA., was a prominent lawyer and jurist in Kentucky. He served in the United States Senate from 1811 to 1814 and from 1829 to 1835. He later served as Secretary of the Treasury under President John Tyler from 4 July 1844 until 3 March 1846. He died in Georgetown, D.C., 14 April 1859.

(Swtr: t. 409; 1. 160', b. 24'; dr. 6'9"; a. 4 32-pdrs.,
1 4-pdr).

George M. Bibb, a side-wheel steamer, was launched at Pittsburgh, Pa., 10 April 1845 and ordered to New Orleans, La., for duty with the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, Captain. Winslow Foster, USRCS in command. She operated out of New Orleans until 18 May 1846 when she sailed with 10 other cutters for duty in the Gulf of Mexico during the Mexican War. Ordered to cooperate with the Navy and Army, during the next several months she supported the blockade; scouted coastal waters,- carried mail and supplies; and convoyed and towed ships. After returning to New Orleans later in the year, she departed South West Pass, La., for Boston 31 May 1847. She arrived 11 July and was transferred to the U.S. Coast Survey.


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