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(ScStr: dp. 6,181,1. 342'3 1/2"; b. 43'0", dr. 23'0", s. 10 k. (max.) cpl. 68; a. 2 6-pars., 2 3-pars.)

Alexander—a screw steamer built in 1894 at Stockton-on-Tees England, by Richardson Duck & Co.—was purchased by the Navy from New Star Blue Line Steamers on 25 April 1898 and was commissioned at Norfolk on 2 June 1898, Comdr. William T. Burwell in command.

Converted to a collier, Alexander served on the Atlantic station supporting the blockade of Cuba during the SpanishAmerican War. On 2 November 1898, the ship was decommissioned at Norfolk. Although she remained out of commission until the spring of 1900, it appears that she made a merchant cruise with a civilian crew—probably in 1899. On 4 March 1900 Alexand er was recommissioned at Norfolk for duty in the collier service.

Over the next year, she made one round-trip voyage from the Atlantic coast to the Asiatic station with coal and stores. In the faH of 1901, she voyaged to South American Atlantic ports and thence, in January 1902, rounded Cape Horn and steamed on to Hawaii. The collier entered port at Honolulu on 19 February 1902 and remained there until 13 March at which time she headed back to the east coast of the United States. Late in 1902 and early in 1903, Alexander made another extended voyage around South America, visiting numerous Latin American ports along the wav before returning to Norfolk on 21 March 1903.

By the middle of 1903, the ship was assigned to collier duty with the Asiatic Fleet. Sometime in 1907, whe was reassigned to the Pacific Fleet but evidence strongly suggests that she continued voyages to the Far East. On 15 April 1910, Alexander was once again placed out of commission—this time at Cavite in the Philippine Islands. She returned to active service on the Asiatic station a little over 14 months later on 6 July 1911. The ship remained active just over two years. She was decommissioned at Cavite on 9 August 1913, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 16 August 1913. Her ultimate disposition is unknown.