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Hargood PF-74

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Captain William Hargood, RN, commanded Belleisle at Trafalgar.

(PF-74, dp. 1430, 1. 303'11", b. 37'6"; dr. 13'8"; s. 20.
k.; cpl. 190; a. 3 3"; cl. Tacoma)

Hargood (PF-74), originally P182, was built under maritime Commission contract by Walsh-Raiser Co., Inc., Providence, R.I. Intended for use by the United Kingdom, she was reclassified PF-74 16 April 1943; renamed Ascension; and launched 7 April 1943, sponsored by Mrs. A. A. Kirby. Ascension was then completed and transferred under lend-lease to the United Kingdom 24 November 1943 as a part of the 21-ship "Colony" class. She served as a patrol and escort craft until being returned to the United States 31 May 1946. She was sold 16 October 1947 to Hudson Valley Shipwrecking Corp., Newburg, N.Y.

(DE-573 dp. 1,400- 1. 306', b. 37'; dr. 9' 5"; B. 24 k.; cpl. 186; a. 3 3", 2 dct., 1 dcp., (h.h.), 8 dcp.; cl. Buckley)

Hargood (DE~73) was launched by the Bethlehem Hingham Shipyard, Hingham, Mass., 18 December 1943. Designated for transfer to Great Britain under lend lease, she was delivered to the Royal Navy and commissioned 7 February 1944. Hargood served through the rest of the war as an escort vessel in the North Atlantic and off the Normandy beachhead, and was returned to the United States 23 February 1946. Struck from the Navy List 12 April 1946, She was sold to Northern Metal Co., Tacolly Pa., and removed 7 March 1947 for scrapping.


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