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Hallowell PF-72

Mug Windbreaker
Plaque Cap
Polo Shirt Sweatshirt

(PF-72: dp. 1430; 1. 303'11"; b. 37'6"; dr. 13'8";
s. 20 k.; cpL 190; a. 3 3"; cl. Tacoma;
T. S2-S2-AQ1)

Hallowell (PF-72) was laid down as PG-180 under Mari-time Commission contract by Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc. Providence, R.I., 1 April 1943; reclassified PF-72 on 15 April 1943; renamed Machiao 5 May 1943; renamed Anguilla by the British 10May and sponsored by Mrs. John S. MacDonald. Anguilla was transferred under lend-lease to the United Kingdom 15 October 1943 as part of the 21-ship "Colony" class. She served as a patrol and escort craft until returned to the United States 31 May 1946. The frigate was sold to Pro Industry Products New York City 13 June 1947.


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