USS Fury PG 69
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Fury PG-69


(PG-69: dp. 925; 1. 205'2", b. 33'; dr. 14'6", s.16 k.; cpl. 89; a. 1 4", 1 3"; cl. Temptress)

Fury (PG-69) was built in 1941 by Fleming and Ferguson, Paisley, Scotland, as HMS Larkspur; transferred to the United States 17 March 1942- and commissioned the same day, Lieutenant N. Adair, Jr., in command.

Transferred to the Navy at Liverpool, England, Fury exercised at Londonderry, Northern Ireland, before sailing in convoy to Argentia, Newfoundland, and Brooklyn, N.Y., where she escorted convoys on the route between Key West, Fla., and Norfolk, VA., then was based at Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N.Y., for service escorting convoys between New York, Key West, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

As snorkel-equipped German submarines made their last forays of the war into the western Atlantic, Fury interrupted convoy escort duty to make antisubmarine patrols in the approaches to New York Harbor in February, and again in April, 1945. She entered Boston Navy Yard 6 July to prepare for her return to the Royal Navy. On 1 August Fury sailed for Harwich, England, where she was decommissioned 22 August 1945 and returned to the British the same day.