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Elfrida- PY



Former name retained.

(PY: dp. 164, 1. 101'6"; b. 18', dr. 7'9"; s. 10 k.; a 1
3-pdr. r.f., 2 1-pdr. r.f.)

Elfrida (No. 988), a steel schooner, was built in 1889 by Harlan and Hollingsworth, Wilmington, Del.; purchased by the Navy 15 June 1898; outfitted by New York Navy Yard, and commissioned 30 June 1898, Lieutenant M. A. Orlopp in command. .; -

Acquired for service during the Spanish-Americarn" War, Elfrida operated along the Connecticut coast and out of New York on patrol until placed out of commission 14 September 1898. She was recommissioned 29 April 1899 and loaned to the Connecticut Naval Militia to train Naval Reserves. Except for 2 years (1900-02) when she was transferred to New Jersey, she remained in the custody of Connecticut until 1908 when she was returned to the Navy and placed out of commission 27 June. The following year she was loaned to the North Carolina Naval Militia. She arrived at New Bern, N.C 26 July 1909, and was commissioned 20 August, remaining: there until required by the Navy at the outbreak of World War I.

Elfrida was assigned to the 5th Naval District to patrol and take charge of a fleet of motorboats tending the submarine nets at York River Upper Barrier. She was ordered demobilized at the end of 1917, and was, decommissioned 31 March 1918 and sold 11 May 1918.