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Belfast- PF-35


(PF 35: dp. 1430, 1. 3W'11", b. 37'6", dr. 18'8"; s.
19 k.; cpl. 180; a. 3 8''; cl. Tacoma)

Belfast (PF-36) was launched 20 May 1943 by Consolidated Steel Corp., Ltd., Wilmington, Calif., under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Miss Elizabeth C. Wilson, and commissioned 24 November 1943 Lieutenant Commander J. J. Hutson, Jr., USCG, in command.

The Coast Guard manned Belfast joined the 7th Fleet at Cairns, Australia, 29 May 1944 and served as a patrol vessel and convoy escort. She took part in the landings nt Noemfoor Island (2 July 1944) and Cape Opmari, New Guinea (30 July 1944). Belfast helped escort one of the followup convoys to Leyte and remained in the area between 29 October and 7 December 1944. On 30 December she got underway for Boston, arriving 24 January 1945 There, she underwent repair and overhaul preparatory to transfer to the U. S. S. R. under Lend-Lease. Departing Boston 2S March 1945 she steamed to Alaska aud, following a short familiarization period for a. Russian crew, was transferred 12 July 1945. Belfast was lost off Petropavlovsk, Kamehatka, 17 November 1948 while in Russian hands.

Belfast received two battle stars for her operations in the Southwest Pacific.