Naubuc I monitor


Naubuc I
(Mon.: dp. 1,175; 1. 225': b. 45'3"; dr. 7'1". s. 9 k.; a. 2 XI-inch D. sb.; GL Casco)

The first Naubuc, laid down as a light-draft monitor at Perine's Union Iron Works, Williamsburgh, N.Y., was launched 19 October 1864. However, as with others of her class, she W.IS of faulty design and was found to be unseaworthy prior to her completion. She was then converted to a torpedo boat, 4th rate, with one XI-inch Dahlgren smoothbore, and Wood-Lay spar torpedo equipment. Commissioned 27 March 1865, Aeting Master Gilbert Dayton in command she saw no service and on 27 June 1865 was ordered to be 1aid up at the New York Navy Yard. In 1869, while at the Navy Yard, she was renamed twice: Gorgon, 15 June, and Minnetonka, 10 August. In 1875, she was broken up by Harlan and Hollingsworth, Wilmington, Del.