Klamath monitor



A tribe of Indians formerly living along the Klamath River in California and Oregon.

(Monitor: dp. 1,175 (o.t.) ; 1. 225'; b. 45'; dr. 6'4 1/2"; s. 5.7 k. cpl. 60; cl. Casco)

Klamath was a light-draft monitor launched 20 April 1865 by S. T. Hambleton & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, under subcontract with Alexander Swift & Co., also of Cincinnati. She was deliv -ered to the Navy 6 May 1866 but was never commissioned and saw no service. While laid up at Mound City, Ill., she was renamed Harpy 15 June 1869, but was changed back to Klamath 10 August. She was moved to New Orleans in 1870, and sold at auction there to Schickels, Harrison & Co. 12 September 1874.