Nahant II SP-1250


Nahant II
(SP-1250: dp. 405; 1. 134'7"; b. 26'; a. 1 3", 2 mg.)

Nahant, a motor boat built in 1913 by John H. Dialogue, Camden, N.J., as Luckenback No. 4 was acquired by the Navy from Luckenback Steamship Co., Inc., New York City 1 December 1917 and commissioned 12 December 1917.

Operating in the 3rd Naval District, Nahant performed towing tasks in New York Harbor during her Naval career. Decommissioning early in 1920, Nahant was transferred to the City of New York and served the Police Department as Service No. 2 and as John F. Harlan. Returned to the Navy in 1928, Nahant was struck from the Naval Register 27 September 1928 and sold to Joseph O'Boyle of New York City 24 December 1928.