USS Reedbird I
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Reedbird I AMc-30

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Reedbird I

(AMc-30: dp. 223 (f.),1. 87'5"; b. 23'10", dr. 10'3"; s. 10 k.;
cpl. 12; a. 2 mg.; el. Reedbird)

The first ReedJoird, built in 1935 as the wooden purse-seiner Fearless by Al Larson, Terminal Island, Calif., was purchased by the Navy from Tony Marineovich and others 18 November 1940; renamed Reedbird (AMe-30), 30 December 1940; eonverted to a coastal minesweeper by the Campbell Maehine Co., San Diego, Calif.; and placed in service 29 April 1941.

Reedbird departed San Diego 14 May 1941 and, with Tippecanoe (AO-21), steamed west to Pearl Harbor. She reported for duty in the 14th Naval District 28 May and, equipped with acoustical, magnetic, and "O" type gear, operated in Hawaiian waters throughout World War II. Then ordered inactivated, Reedbird returned to San Diego where she was stripped and placed out of service 14 January 1946. Her name was struck from the Navy list 7 February 1946 and on 8 November 1946 she was delivered to the Maritime Commussion for disposal.