USS Pledge II
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Pledge II MSO-492

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Pledge II

(MSO-492: dp. 630; 1. 172'; b. 36'; dr. 10'; s. 16 k., cpl. 72
a. 1 40mm.; cl. Aggre~eive)

The second Pledge (MSO-492), a minesweeper, was laid down on 24 June 1954 by the J. M. Martinae Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma Wash., Iaunehed 20 July 1955, sponsored by Mrs. T. F. Uitseh; and commissioned 20 April 1956, Lt. Thomas D. Pfundstein in command.

After sea trialY, Pledge joined her sister ships at Long Beach, Cal., 25 May 1956. Following training from July 1956 to February 1957, she operated in WESTPAC March to September 1957. She underwent mod)fication from October 1957 to March 1958.

Deployed to WESTPAC 24 August 1961, she visited Bangkok, Thailand, in November, and Saigon' Vietnam, in December. In early 1962 she participated m special training operations at Da Nang, Vietnam, until her departure 17 February. Her deployment to WESTPAC, 12 August 1963, included exercises with South Korean ships in October and Nationalist Chinese ships in November. On her next assignment to WESTPAC, 13 August 1965, she performed coastal eurveillance duties off the Republic of Vietnam from 18 October to 16 November 1965 and from 18 December into early 1966.

Into 1970 Pledge remains active with the Pacific Fleet.