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Peril AM-272

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(AM-272: dp. 945 (f.); 1. 184'6"; b. 33'; dr. 9'9"; s. 15 k.;

cpl. 104; a. 1 3", 2 40mm., 6 20mm., 2 dct., 2 dcp., 1 dcp. (hh.); el. Admirable)

Peril (AM-272) was laid down 1 February 1943 by the Gulf Shipbuilding Co., Chiekasaw, Ala.; launched 25 July 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Morris Sorbet; and commissioned 20 April 1944, Lt. Donald W. Phillips in command.

Peril departed Boston, Mass., 5 Fehruary 1945, for Philadelphia, Pa. where she underwent overhaul 8 to 27 February. Upon completion of overhaul she proceeded via the Panama Canal, San Diego, Cal., Seattle, Wash., and Kodiak, Alaska, to Cold Bay, Alaska, where she moored 21 April 1945. There she received for mineweeper training forty Soviet seamen and four Soviet officers on 1 May 1945, and thirty-two Soviet seamen and two Soviet officers 6 May 1945.

Peril decommissioned 21 May 1945 and was transferred to the U.S.S.R. Navy. She WAS subsequently reported destroyed or lost in Soviet service.