Lapwing II YMS-268


Lapwing II
(YMS-268: dp. 236; 1. 136'; b. 24'6"; dr. 10'; a. 15 k;
cpl. 32; a.1 3", 2 20-mm, 2 dcp., 2 act.; cl. YM S-135 )

YMS 268 was laid down 1 December 1942 by Kruse & Banks Shipbuilding Co., North Bend, Oreg., launched 16 April 1943, sponsored by Mrs. J. H. Granger, and commissioned 31 July 1943.

After shakedown along the west coast, YMS 268 trained minesweeper crews out of San Pedro, Calif., throughout the most of the war, contributing to the war e~ort by increasing the efficiency of American minesweeping operations throughout the world.

Following 2 years of training operations, the minesweeper arri, ed Pearl Harbor 26 May 1945 for deployment to the we.stern Pacific. Assigned to the 7th Fleet, YMS-268 operated out of Guam, the Philippines, and Okinawa from July to August. Following the surrender of Japan, she removed mines from Tokyo Bay and around the Island of Honshu.

Departing Kobe 9 March 1946, the veteran ship reached San Francisco 24 April. After 1 month on the west coast, YMS 268 steamed to the Great Lakes via the St. Lawrence River. Upon arriving Chicago 25 July, she was assigned to the 9th Naval District Reserve Training program. YMS-268 decommissioned and WAS placed in service 1 November 1946.

Reclassified YMS -268 and named Lapwing 1 September 1947, she continued operations in the Reserve Training program. Lapwing recommissioned 12 February 1951 at Orange, Tex., Lt. Charles M. Kirkham in command. Arriving Charleston, S.C., 19 March, the minesweeper engaged in operations along the east coast, developing new techniques in mine warfare until 1957. During this period she was reclassifled MSC(0)-48 on 7 February 1955.