Kingbird AMC-56



Any of several American tyrant flycatchers.


(AMC-56: dp. 206; 1. 96'; b. 21.6'; dr. V; s. 9 k.; a. 2.30
cal. mg.; T. Wooden Dragger)

The first Kingbird (AMC-56), ex Governor Saltonstall, was built in 1939 by the Quincy Drydock & Yacht Co., Quincy, Mass., acquired by the Navy 26 December 1940, and placed in service as a coastal minesweeper in the Ist Naval District 24 July 1941.

Following assignment to Portsmouth, N.H., in January 1942, Kingbird operated in the Ist Naval District as a coastal minesweeper for over 2 years. She was reclassified IX-176 10 July 1944 and placed out of service 28 July 1944 for use in training sound operators for new submarines. Kingbird was transferred to the WSA 7 June 1946 for disposal.