Exploit AM-95


Exploit I

Deed, usually one of high accomplishment.

(AM-95: dp. 275, 1. 173'8", b. 23' dr. 7'7", s. 18 k.
cpl. 65; a. 1 3"; cl. Adroit)

The first Exploit (AM-95) was launched 7 September 1942 by Jakobson Shipyard, Inc., Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y.~; sponsored by Mrs. G. J. Hossfeld; and commissioned 6 February 1943, Lieutenant S. A. Hill, USNR, in command. She was reclassified PC-1599 on 1 June 1944, and PCC-1599 on 20 August 1946.

Between 26 February and 12 May 1943, Exploit served on patrol, swept mines, and joined in amphibious exercises in Chesapeake Bay, based at Norfolk. She performed similar duty in Casco Bay, Maine until 13 May 1944, when she returned to Norfolk for conversion to a submarine chaser.

PC-1599 sailed from Norfolk 9 June 1944 on escort duty, bound for the Pacific. She arrived at Eniwetok ~ October, and for the next 6 months served on local escort and patrol in the Marshalls and Marianas arriving at Iwo Jima on 6 March escorting an LST. Sailing from Ulithi 25 March to escort a convoy bound for Okinawa, she served as primary control vessel for Yellow Beach during the initial landings on 1 April. PC-1599 continued to patrol off Okinawa and screen shipping Iying off the island until 1 June.

After a brief overhaul, PC-1599 cleared Kerama Retto 24 June 1945, bound for the west coast. She was decommissioned at San Francisco 14 December 1945 and transferred to the Maritime Commission 18 March 1949 for disposal.

PC-1599 received two battle stars for World War II service.