Chimango AMC 2



A bird of southern South America.

(AMC - 2: dp. 200- 1. 97'1"- b. 21'8"; dr. }1'; s. 10 k.;
cpl. 17j

The first Chimango (AMC-42) was launched 8 March 1941 by Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Fla., and commissioned 3 June 1941, Ensign J. T. G. Nichols, USNR, in command

Chimango had training at Mine Warfare Base, Yorktown, Va., until 26 July 1941 when she rendezvoused with Goldfinch and Jaeamar to sail to Argentia, Newfoundland. From 2 August she operated off this new base laying buoys, taking part in minesweeping exereises, and recovering gear in Placentia Bay, until 5 October when she sailed for Casco Bay, Maine, and sweeping operations and patrols along the Maine coast. She also received abonrd daily armed guard parties from merchant ships for instruction. On 15 June 1942 she was decommissioned but placed in service, and continued to operate on minesweeping and patrol duty at New York and Charleston until 20 December 1945. She was transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal 21 August 1947.