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Captor AM-132


One who captures.

(AM-132 dp. 520; 1. 133'7"; b. 26'1"; dph. 12'8"; cpl.
47; a. 1 4")

Eagle (AM-132) was built in 1938 by Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, Mass., as Harvard (later renamed Wave); purchased by the Navy 1 January 1942; and commissioned as Eagle 5 March 1942, Lieutenant Commander L. F. Rogers, USMR, in command.

The minesweeper was refitted as a Q-ship and reclassified PYC-40 on 18 April 1942 when her name was also changed to Captor. Ingeniously disguised as a fishing trawler, she sailed out of Boston throughout the war, her dangerous mission that of luring U-boats within range of her guns. While such a scheme had achieved some success when used by the British in World War I, the German Navy had become wary of just this sort of trap. Captor cruised diligently in known submarine areas but made no contacts. She was decommissioned 4 October 1944, and sold through the War Shipping Administration 21 February 1945.