< Torry AG-140

Torry AG-140



(AG-140: dp. 500, 1. 177'; b. 33'; dr. 10'; s. 13 k. (tl.);
cpl. 37; a. none; cl. Camano)

Torry-a cargo ship built for the Army in 1944 by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp., Decatur, Ala., as freight supply ship FS-894—was acquired by the Navy on 22 February 1947 at Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines; named Torry and designated AG 140 on 3 April 1947, and commissioned at Guam on 5 July 1947.

In August 1947, she began operating in the Marianas and Carolines, performing logistic and routine patrol functions. She was reclassified AKL-11 on 31 March 1949 and continued her activities among the Pacific islands. While at Guam on 24 July 1951, she was loaned to the Department of the Interior and was permanently transferred to that department and struck from the Navy list on 29 January 1952. She served with the Department of the Interior providing sea transportation among the islands of the Pacific Trust Territory until 1961 when she was sold to Socony Mobil Oil Co. Inc. Two years later, she was transferred to American M.A.R.C., Inc., of Inglewood, Calif., and, in 1965 was transferred to the Western Offshore Drilling and Exploration Co., Sante Fe Springs, Calif.