Tingles AG-144



(Ag-144: dp. 705; 1. 176'; b. 32'; dr. 14')

Tingles (A-144)—a former Army freight supply ship built in 1944—was acquired by the Navy late in 1947, probably in September, named Tingles (A-144) on 21 November 1947, and placed in service at Subic Bay in the Philippines on 2 December 1947

Tingles was assigned to the ferry run between Subic and Sangley Point. While operating in the Philippines, she was redesignated a light cargo ship, AKL-13, on 31 March 1949. In May 1949, she was reassigned to the Service Force, Pacific Fleet and departed Subic Bay on 27 May 1949 under tow by Mataco (ATF-86). After stops at Guam and at Kwajalein, she reached Pearl Harbor on 25 June and reported to the Commadant, 14th Naval District, for outfitting and commissioning.

On 11 August, it was decided that she should not be outfitted or commissioned. Consequently, early in September, Tingles departed Pearl Harbor in company with LSIL-1092 and Genesee (AOG-8) and proceeded to San Francisco, Calif., where she arrived on the 12th. On 10 November 1949, the ship was placed out of service, in reserve, and was berthed with the San Francisco Group, Pacific Reserve Fleet. Tingles remained there until 16 December 1953 when she was moved to Stockton, Calif., her berthing area until her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 April 1959. She was subsequently sold to be converted for private use.