< Tanamo ID-2176

Tanamo ID-2176


(Id. No. 2176: dp. 6,000,1. 331'1", b. 46'2"; dr. 21'1";
s. 12 k.; cpl. 105)

Tanamo (Id. No. 2176)—built in 1914 as Van Nogendorp by Swain Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England—was taken over by the Navy at New York on 9 August 1918 on a bare-boat basis from the Sarnia Steamship Corp., Broadway, N.Y. She was refitted as a refrigerator ship and commissioned on 17 August 1918.

Tanamo, assigned to duty with the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, loaded a cargo of beef and 57 trucks and sailed in a convoy on the 17th for France. Due to boiler trouble, she dropped out of the convoy, entering Halifax on the 30th for temporary repairs and then proceeding on 5 September to New York for additional repairs. On 4 October, Tanamo sailed with a convoy for Verdon, arrived there on the 20th and unloaded her cargo.

The ship sailed for home on 3 November and arrived at New York on the 19th. After general repairs and loading 1,479 tons of beef and a deck load of trucks she returned to St. Nazaire on 14 December 1918. She began her last round-trip voyage from New York to France for the Navy on 15 February 1919.

Upon her return to New York on 2 April, the ship was scheduled for demobilization. Tanamo was decommissioned on 24 April 1919 and returned to her owner.