< Tampico



A major seaport city in Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico.
(Sch.: t. 80; a. 1 gun)

During the Mexican War, Pueblano—a wooden-hulled schooner sometimes listed as Pueblana—was seized by the 20-gun sloop-of-war St. Marg's while on an expedition against Tampico led by Commodore Connor. A prize crew sailed the schooner to the American Navy's staging-point at Anton Lizardo where she was fitted out and renamed Tampico.

Under the command of Lt. William P. Griffin, Tampico participated in the attack on Vera Cruz and the fortress castle of San Juan d'Ulloa in March 1847. She served in the inshore covering force and fired on what she determined to be Mexican cavalry massing behind the sand dunes along the shore at Vera Cruz.

Vera Cruz fell on 27 March, and the castle of San Juan d'Ulloa surrendered two days later. With the successful conclusion of the investment of Vera Cruz, Tamp~co subsequently took part in the operations against the town of Alvarado. After the close of hostilities with Mexico, the schooner was sold in 1849 at Norfolk, Va.