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Plainview AGEH-1

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(AGEH-1: dp. 310; 1. 220'6"; b. 40'5"; dr. 24'4"; s. 40 k.;
cpl. 20; cl. Plainview)

Plainview (AGEH-1) was laid down 8 May 1964 by the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co., Seattle, Wash. Iaunched 28 June 1965, sponsored by Mrs. John T. Hayward and placed in service 3 March 1969.

Plainview is the world's largest hydrofoil. She is powered by two jet engines of the same type used in the F-4 Phantom aircraft, but during conventional operations she is driven by two diesel engines. Her homeport is Bremerton, Wash.

The Navy's first hydrofoil research ship, Plainview carries out long range experimental programs to evaluate the design principles of hydrofoils and to develop and evaluate tactics and doctrine for hydrofoils, particularly in antisubmarine warfare and is helping to determine the feasibility of hydrofoil operations in high seas.