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Pine WAGL-162

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(WAGL-162: dp. 210; 1. 99' 8"; b. 23'; dr. 4' 6"; s. 8 k.;
cpl. 12)

Pine, built in 1926, as a tender for the Lighthouse Service by Defoe Boat Works, Bay City, Mich., commissioned 16 July 1926. Upon completion she assumed tender duties out of her permanent station at New London, Conn., where she commenced a twenty-one year career of service to navigational aids.

Tender Pine transferred to the Coast Guard in 1939 when the Lighthouse Service became part of that service. She remained active as a Coast Guard buoy tender until 1 November 1941, when Executive Order 8929 transferred the Coast Guard to the Navy. Pine served as a buoy tender on naval service until 1 January 1946, when she returned to the Treasury Department. Shc had been permanently assigned to St. Petersburg Fla. and to Erie Pa., as well as to New London. She ende1 her general navigational aid duties at Portland Me., where she decommissioned 25 August 1947. She was sold 15 July 1948.