USS Pheonix IV
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Phoenix IV AG-172

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Phoenix IV

(AG-172: dp. 15,199 (f.), 1. 455'3", b. 62', dr. 28'5", s. 17 k
cpl. 50; a. none; cl. Phoeni~; T. VC2~AP3)

Phoenix was laid down under Maritime Commission contraet as Capital Victory (MCV-183) 27 February 1945 by Oregon Shipbuilding Corp., Portland, Oreg., Iaunehed 10 April 1945; sponsored by Mrs. Chester R. Kinmon and delivered 8 May 1945.

Renamed Arizona in 1948, the cargo ship was renamed Phoeni~ for Navy use 20 November 1962 and elassified AG 172 the same day; acquired by the Navy from the Maritime Administration 25 November 1962, assigned to M.S.T.S. and manned by a civil service crew in July 1963. The special project ship, with Cheyenne (AG-174) and Provo (AG-173) was stationed in Subic Bay, Philippines as forward floating depots. The utility of such depots was demonstrated in 1964 by the excellent performance of these ships in operation "Quick Release."

In 1965 Phoenix began general cargo operation under Commander, M.S.T.S. in the Far East and with a Korean crew continued this duty until- 1970.

A former name retained.