USS Pat Caharty
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Pat Caharty

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Pat Caharty

(Tr: dp. 443; 1. 127'; b. 21'6"; dr. 14' 4"; s. 9.5 k.; cl. Strath)
Pat Caharty, a British trawler, was acquired by the US
Navy on lease from the Admiralty, 26 May 1919, at Falmouth

England. From England, she sailed north to Kirkwall Scotland, whence she served with American minesweepers eiearing the North Sea of the more than 56,000 mines laid down by American vessels between the Orkney Islands and the coast of Norway. Lacking protective electrical devices, she, with others of her class, was assigned to follow the initial sweeps of the 4th sweeping operation. But, even sweeping astern of the other vessels proved too much for a ship of her design. Her hull was unable to withstand the shock of exploding mines, more of which were left for follow up sweeps than had been estimated. Preparations for her return to Admiralty custody began in mid-July at Kirkwall and were completed with her transfer to the Royal Navy, at Brightlingsea, England, 16 August 1919.