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Para sch.

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(Sch: t. 200; 1. 98'; b. 24'; dph. 9'; dr. 9'; a. 1 13" m., 2 32-pdr.)

Para, a wooden schooner, was purchased from James Bishop dc Co., New York' 9 September 1861 and commissioned 4 February 1862, Actmg Master Edward J. Furber in command.

Assigned first to the Gulf Squadron, Para participated in the bombardment of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, 18 24 April 1862. Later transferred to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, she operated along the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina for the remainder of the war.

On 19 June 1863 she captured blockade running schooner Emma off Mosquito Inlet, S.C. Off Florida the next month she sent boats ashore on the 18th to participate in the attack on New Smyrna during which the Union force captured a sloop loaded with cotton and an unladen schooner, burnt several other vessels, and destroyed all buildings which had been occupied by troops.

Continuing operations off the southeastern seaboard, she escorted troops up the St. Mary's River to Woodstock, Fla. to obtain lumber, engaged Confederate forces along the river banks to cover the transports as they took on the lumber captured steamer Hard T~mei, then covered the retirement of the transports, 16 23 February 1864.

Para decommissioned at Boston 5 August 1865 and was sold at auction to J. C. Osgood, 8 September 1865.