USS Palmyra
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Palmyra ARS-3

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(ARS(T)-3: dp. 3,800 (f.), 1. 328', b. 50', dr. 14', s. 11.6 k.
cpl. 269; cl. Layean Island)

Palmyra was laid down as LST-1100 by the Jeffersonville Bridge and Machine Co., Jefferson, Ind., 11 December 1944; redesignated ARS(T) 3, 8 Dccember 1944; named Palmyra, 23 December 1944, Iaunched 20 February 1945, sponsored by Miss Virginia L. Davenport; and commissioned 28 July 1945.

Following shakedown off the Texas coast, Palmyra transited

the Panama Canal and steamed on into the Pacific to join Service Force, Pacific Fleet. Assigned to ServRon 10, sbe served in the mid-Pacific, primarily at Guam, until February 1946. Then assigned to TU 1.2.7, the salvage unit for operation "Crossroads," she prepared for the 1946 atomic test series. She arrived at Bikini in May and for the next months prepared the area for the tests, then aided in salvage operations. She was ordered to report to ComLantResFlt in October, but contamination from the blasts prevented her doing so until 6 February 1947. On 20 June 1947, she decommissioned and joined the Reserve Fleet at Orange, Tex., where she remains into 1970.